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Rinjani Tour Company distinguishes itself as the premier tour and travel agency, offering economical tour and trekking packages to Mount Rinjani. Immerse yourself in exciting choices like Mount Rinjani Hiking, Lombok Volcano adventures, top-notch Indonesia Hiking.  experiences, and captivating Lombok Hiking and Tour packages. Uncover the allure of these destinations through Rinjani Tour Company’s budget-friendly and thoughtfully designed offerings.

we are well known as one of the Mountain Rinjani Trekking tour guide with the Best Service and Experienced Team. We have team local Guides and Porters with more then 10 years experienced.

Rinjani Tour Company

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Since 2013, we have been guiding enthusiasts to the summit of Mount Rinjani to witness its breathtaking sunrise. Our team comprises guides and porters who are all locals, born and raised in the region. With our deep roots, we possess unparalleled knowledge of the best routes, weather patterns, and the ideal way to navigate this trek. Growing up in the villages of Senaru, we are eager to share everything you want to know about Lombok.

Having witnessed both the highs and lows, from the earthquakes of 2018 to the challenges of the 2020 pandemic, we have observed the evolving landscape of Lombok. (And yes, we were atop Mt. Rinjani during that earthquake – a story we’d be happy to share!) Our commitment extends to the preservation of Mt. Rinjani; we actively advocate for its cleanliness and consistently bring down more waste than we ascend with. Our mission is to enhance the mountain’s condition and reduce the impact of human activities on our delicate island.

Recognizing the multitude of tour groups available for Mt. Rinjani, choose our team for a remarkable culinary experience, a laid-back atmosphere, a secure path, and a tad more enjoyment compared to other tour groups.

Experience Lombok From a Local Perspective

Lombok offers more than just trekking Mount Rinjani. We excel in delivering immersive cultural encounters, offering you insight into the lives of the local people. Our tours contribute to the well-being of farmers, craftsmen, and the religious infrastructure, playing a crucial role in shaping Lombok into the distinctive island it is