There are many routes to climb Rinjani National Park but the most recommended trails are Senaru route and Sembalun route. You can choose on between of that two routes if you want to explore all the spots on Mount Rinjani National Park.

To reach all those spots you should choose minimum 3 days trek which you can starting from Sembalun village or Senaru village. For a trekker who has a limited time, but would like to reach the top of Mount Rinjani they can start the hike from Sembalun for 2 days 1 night. But to folow the program you need very good level of fitness or advance trekker.

For beginner trekker we recommended 3 days or 4 days trekking which is started from Senaru village or Sembalun village.

The difference is only on the starting, if we start climbing from Sembalun, from post 1 to post 3 you will find and see a very wide expanse of grass which is very beautiful to look at.

When we start the climbing from Senaru, from Pos 1 to Pos 3 is a shadow trail, we  will walk under giant trees with wild animal sounds. From both crater Rim will show spectacular views of Segara Anak Lake, sunset and sunrise.

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